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lul 6 years ago
It was nice until she called the dolphin a whale
hajab 7 years ago
why does this turn me on
Dumb bitch doesnt know what a 8 years ago
Its a dolphin not a whale ... You say whale one more time and ima shove my narwal horn up your pussy and out your mouth.
Anonymous 6 years ago
Why the kitchen
Known 7 years ago
I wish she was fucking me
Longjohn 8 years ago
Who is this girl I would like her to ride on me like that
Twerkformebabygirl 6 years ago
Oh yeah come hump my big dick baby I'll fuck you better than that dolphin ever could
Tim 6 years ago
I would Fuck
Nice ass 6 years ago
Nice ass
Marine Animal expert Mr Wasows 7 years ago
This poor animal being forced to do sexual acts with another species! It's just not right! This woman should be arrested!