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3 years ago
I like watching my wife get fucked.
2 years ago
you people are all insane, now see i'm a little old fashioned and i dont believe in openly alowing my wife or girlfriend to betray me with other men because where i come from we call that cheating and betrayal, i mean people get their lives ruined by this and it's a shame to know that some people don't care that they have hurt you and betrayed you, to them it's all about the pleasure and shear thrill of it and it's just sad it really is, now i know it's not real here but still.
Chicago 2 years ago
I will love to see my wife like that
This is hot 2 years ago
husbands and boyfriends should share their wives/girlfriends on a daily/regular basis with male strangers or male friends.
2 years ago
I wish that was my wife
Neal 3 years ago
It is SO HOT AND SEXY watching men fuck my wife!!!!
what is her name 3 years ago
what is her name
What is his name? 3 years ago
What is his name
Raiyan 3 years ago
The black t shirt is the highest controlling man
Mike mueller 3 years ago
I like watching these because I have an obsession with fucking beta males bitches